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Educating and support Female Solepreneurs in their business by educating you on the most basic and foundational levels of bookkeeping so that your business is always prepared for tax time.


This is a chill space for you to learn, ask questions, be yourself and learn basic financial literacy in the most simplest way.

Shacquille Mohi | Founder of Kollective & Co.


For four years I worked in one of the BIG 4 corporate accounting firms here in Aotearoa. Durning this time I learnt auditing and ird standards that I implement in ALL my bookkeeping courses and services.


For the last two years, I have been running Kollective & Co. where I have been able to help hundreds of small businesses with their bookkeeping and creating awareness about the importance of preparing for tax time.


My passion runs strong when it comes to helping our women in business, building their financial confidence through the financial art of bookkeeping. 





2023 Tax Prep Workshop

Join our 5 Week Live Tax Prep Workshop as we cover everything you need to know, understand and have completed for the end of this tax year.

As we are running this workshop Live, we will be completing all the tasks set out for the 5 Weeks Live as well. This gives us the opportunity to really support you through each task, answering any questions as you're completing the task.

Once the 5 Weeks is up, you'll not only understand what is required of you for tax time, your financial data will be categorised, your supporting documents will be organised and ready for your Accountant to file your tax returns.

We will help you save thousands of dollars in Accountancy Fees by simply teaching you to be well prepared in advance!


Bookkeeping Made Simple - Vol. 1

for sole traders and non-get register business

If you're looking at starting a business or within your first year of business and know that taxes play a big part in running a business but unsure where you need to start?

We have development a simple course just for you!

Start learning basic bookkeeping practices via our simple downloadable Workbook. Be in the know on how much tax savings to put a side, where you're at financially and prepare yourself for tax time.

Bookkeeping Made Simple - Vol. 2 

for companies and gst registered business


Are you ready to simplify your bookkeeping even more and dabble into Xero Accounting Software? 


This course is perfect for any stage of business but mostly businesses who are rapidly growing.


Learn how to implement bookkeeping processes in the same system your Accountant uses to prepare your tax returns, talk about saving time and moola when it comes to tax time. 


One Time Bookkeeping

12 Week One on One Mentorship

Have you fallen behind on your bookkeeping, haven't quite found the time to implement bookkeeping setup or processes, need to get everything underway so you can get financial data ready to send to an accountant to file your taxes?

Then service is for you!

We will setup your bookkeeping processes, create a bookkeeping blueprint specifically for your business and bring you up to speed, ready for your Accountant to file your taxes.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Long term outsourcing service


Ready to outsource your bookkeeping so you can have your time back to focus on more important things in your business?

We'll take charge of your bookkeeping throughout the financial year to ensure everything is current and prepared for your Accountant to review and file your taxes.

As well as updating you weekly on your financials and tax savings to put aside.

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